The Playlist DJ’s Journey Journal by Gary Farmer!

Playlist DJ's Journal

My name is Gary and I run the Playlist DJ’s. This is a hobby project that offically started 19th December, 2013 when I opened my first housemusic Facebook page. To begin with I called it Deep House to Oldskool as those were and still are the two main sub-genre’s of house music I am interested in and listen to. 

If we go back to where it started for me, that would be in a Caravan Park in France called Carnac. It must have been 1992, as I was 12 and I managed to tune into Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252 from the North of France.  I was lying in the bed in the caravan listening to tune when all of a sudden this amazing tune came on. It gave me a feeling I’d never had before and from that moment on, I was hooked to dance music / house music / electronic music, or whatever you would like to call it. The tune that done it was Snap – Rhythm is a Dancer.


That planted the seed of my electronic music journey. Following from that, hearing Utah Saints, Something Good at the dodgems at Linlithgow Marches that same year cemented my love for the genre.


I started off getting into quite hard dance as the Scottish Techno and Rave scene was taking off in the 90’s. I was just a little bit too young to be going to the many events that were being held at Ingliston which is not too far from where I live. Instead, I would tune into the local Radio Station, Forth FM and listen to the late but very great, Tom Wilson.


I’d listen to in on my little black Amstrad Midi System with Flourescent blue lighting on the display panels. It was magical. The music was quite heavy, but also euphoric and just made you feel great (and that was as a totally sober 15 year old). My friend who lived over the road used to come over to listen or we’d jump out and stick the station on in my Dad’s old Renault. Glory days!


That went on for a good few years and I was regularly listening to acts like; Rhythmic State, Ultra Sonic, Q-Tex, QFX, Mental Theo, TTF amongst many many others. We actaully have an oldskool spotify playlist where you can find some of the tracks and acts I used to (and still do sometimes) listen to.


When I got my first office job in 1998 in Edinburgh, I had a little money to play with so started buying compilation CD’s. Not a cheap thing to do when you’re on about £100 a week and a compilation then wasn’t far off £20 which is two months worth of all the music you want in the world these days! 


I would be buying things like Clubbers Guide, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Renaissance, Global Underground and the like. All the mainstream big dance compliation brands and of course not forgetting the amazing Cream Anthems too. In the main there would be about 3 to 4 amazing tracks on each but worth every penny / credit card spend!


Eventually, when I turned 20, I thought maybe I should give this DJing thing a try. I got some credit and bought some turntables made by Sony. I don’t think they make DJ turntables any longer but these were a decent set in my opinion. I found however, that I didn’t have the patience to listen to a track all the way through and that’s what lead me to getting rid of them and getting into playlists some years later. I like just finding the good bits in each track!


So if we fast-forward a few years into the 2010’s social media and music streaming was starting to grab hold and even mature a little bit. This was good for me as it tied in with my new career in marketing, starting out as a sales guy and working my way to becoming a social media / digital marketer of which I am still very much learning my craft.


As mentioned at the start of this post I established the social media pages for Playlist DJ’s / Deep House to Oldskool in 2013. Below is one of the first images we used as our Facebook banner.



In those years I started sharing content across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok etc and slowly built up a nice engaged community. As it stands today we have over 30,000 followers mainly thanks for Instagram and TikTok. If you want to follow The Playlist DJ’s on those channels click here

The medium to long term plan is to turn my passion of house music and online marketing / social media into a business. I don’t know how or what yet, but I am just going to build and offer value as I go. 

Two small things we offer right now are Social Media ShoutOuts and we have an Amazon Shop that you can visit.

I am going to make this blog post an ongoing record of the journey and updated it when anything of note happens and track the journey I am on with Playlist DJ’s. 

April 2021…

As of April 2021 I had 17 blog posts published and my first target with that is 100 in the next 6 to 9 months. I also had my first interview with Balaeric FM and that blog post will be published in the coming days. Our social media audience now stands at about 35,000. 

My goals for May are to have 12 more published blog posts and tidy the snagging issues on the website of which there are a few. We are also in talks about our first affiliate deal too which is interesting.

See you soon for the next update.