Best Music Streaming Platforms for Housemusic


With the sheer number of music streaming services available online it can be tricky to find the one that suits you best for your housemusic playlist needs. Whether you are looking to put together your own playlists, look at other people’s, share songs with friends or find some relatively obscure tunes will alter which service you’ll get on well with. We also need to remember that these days we are using our music streaming for live streams, podcasts, newest releases and a bunch of other extras that not every site can provide. Here are the top music streaming platforms currently available and what they are best for. 




Spotify tends to take the gold in sound quality, collaborative playlists and access to podcasts. These days most of your favourite podcasts are starting to switch over to Spotify where you can either listen for free with ads or you can pay for premium and get rid of ads altogether. Spotify has also been publicly praised for its collaborative playlists and an incredibly large library of music. Spotify boasts over 70 million songs in its collection. For all of your general music needs and if you are looking to discover some new bands, Spotify is an excellent choice. Personally, I also like the fact that it takes what you listen to and makes little personalised playlists. I’ve discovered quite a few favourite bands from my daily mix. Spotify even has a lossless streaming service which should be exciting for all the audio nerds out there. 


Amazon Music


Another one of our popular mainstream platforms is Amazon Music. Recently it has been upping its game somewhat bringing the library up to 60 million songs. However, this only comes with Amazon HD, the memberships become less impressive as they get cheaper so it cannot compete with Spotify and other similar sites for cost. It is also completely lacking in podcasts and other than the large but expensive library of songs it has little else to offer. It can be useful if you are already an Amazon Prime member, but prime music has a much smaller library of songs than Amazon HD. *The above link for Amazon is an affiliate link. Sign up now for a free 30 days.




Deezer may not have the same name that Spotify has, but it is definitely a contender for the best streaming platform. However, it is still a little more expensive than Spotify which can be a turn of for potential customers. The library is again absolutely massive with 73 million songs available. What Deezer does offer is a whole host of original content and podcasts. It doesn’t have the same capability when it comes to helping you find new music or recommendations, which isn’t ideal. It does come on most of your basic music systems though including most in-car smart systems. In some ways, it makes up for the lack of discovery with its support and easy to use interface. 


Apple Music


If you’re not an Apple user I suppose there isn’t much point in you looking through this section. However, if you already have a host of Apple products this may be the streaming platform for you. Again there is a very large catalogue of songs in the 70 million range. Discovery is essentially fine and you can certainly collect and curate all of your own music smoothly and simply. Many say that the reason to use Apple Music is the playlist curation which is entirely man-made. On Apple Music, you can also listen to radio and podcasts to your heart’s content which is always good. Unfortunately, even though the curated playlists are great, Apple Music doesn’t allow for collaborative playlists. This is definitely something that could be a bit of a downer for those who enjoy bringing music together with other aficionados. 


Live X Live


This final platform is ideal for anyone who loves enjoying live music. LiveXLive focuses on streaming live music which isn’t really a thing on many other platforms. This platform is powered by Slacker Radio which was already a great tool for listening to music, curating playlists and enjoying the knowledge base of experienced DJs. Now it has gone to a new level of audio fun with a few different membership levels. On most regular accounts you can listen to the music and playlists live when they are released. However, with a premium account, you can get instant playback whenever you want, so it is worth springing for. They also provide family plans for multi-user households and can be played on most smart devices. The content on LiveXLive definitely has a more unique feel than the other streaming platforms. Great for those who love exploring new and exciting music. 




TIDAL is a global music streaming platform bringing fans closer to artists through unique experiences and the highest sound quality. Get the ultimate music experience with a library of over 70 million songs and 250,000 videos. They deliver the art in its highest quality exactly as the fans want and as the artist intended. Through unique collaborations with the artist community, they create deeper connections for fans to experience music like never before. They empower artists to create and deliver their art exactly as they intended. We should note they have a nice feature that brings over your existing playlists from the like of Spotify and Soundcloud etc.




Last but by no means least, is Soundcloud. We’ve been on the platform for a long time, probably as long as Soundcloud. It has all if not most genres of music but in our minds it’s a dedicated dance and house music hub for tunes. In particular there are a lot of cool white labels and remixes that have never been released so there are many gems to be found. A few years back Soundcloud were in jeopardy of moving forward as a commercial entity but they appeared to have nailed their subscription services and revenue streams to continue to be one of the foremost music streaming platforms for DJ mixes and tracks alike. 


We need to of course mention Mixcloud but they of course are more about streaming DJ Mixes than track singles.


In the future we will publish a post with deephouse to oldskool playlists from these platforms.

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