Deep House Music new and old on Spotify & Amazon Music!

So I’ve been on Spotify since day one (almost). Easily since back in 2008 or 2009 when it launched. To get the bias out the road early on I have to say I love it. Infact, I’ve used it that much that I’m no longer able to add any further tracks to my library. That said, I can still make playlists and add them. Very odd, but not big deal.

Spotify is Full Housemusic

Because Amazon Music is realtively new I’ve obviously not used it as much but wanted to make a comparison, espcailly through the prism of house music / deep house music.

This blog will touch on the key differences and look at x3 deep house playlists from each platform that you can follow and listen to.

Spotify Deephouse Housemusic Playlists

Firstly, lets look at a list of reasons / features as to why I love Spotify:

  • They have over 50,000,000 tracks 
  • They appear to have housemusic covered, from oldskool tracks that are quite niche to the latest deephouse tracks that you’ll also find on Traxsource and Beatport
  • The radio feature is excellent and I’ve found thousand of new tracks by creating a radio (similar tunes), from both tracks and playlists that I like
  • Similar to the above, you can find similar artists
  • It’s easy to use and simple to share tracks with your pals
  • The ability to have public playlists that all can add to
  • The ability to find others genre specific playlists
  • It comes in handy at parties and you can make playlists very quickly should you be going on a journey or run
  • Shuffle is a standard feature but always comes in handy
  • Abililty to cross fade tracks (a bit gimmicky but still useful to some if leaving a playlist running in the background)
  • The recent introduction to podcasts has been amazing. Not music related as such but if you’re interested in say music marketing, you can find lots of great content. (Spotify is now the most popular podcast platform on the planet)
  • You can play Spotify for free with ads interupting your experience or you can pay £9.99 for an ad’ free music 

There are more features in Spotify but these are the one’s that I particulary like. Here’s a look at Amazon Music features:

  • Amazon Music also boasts 60,000,000 tracks but there is a limited version that’s bolted in with Amazon Prime membership, which is limited at 2,000,000 tracks
  • Upon first look I don’t see as wide a scope of housemusic tracks on Amazon but I’ve only just recently started using the platform
  • Amazon Music offers streaming in HD, Ultra HD and 3d playback.
  • Amazin Music can be operated neatly through Alexa
  • Cool scrolling lyrics feature
  • They have a nice ‘stations’ feature
  • As of 19/9/20 I will come back and edit this list as I use the platform more from here on in.
Amazon and Spotify Deep House Music Playlists

So let’s start with 3 Spotify Playlists to get you started with your house / dance music playlists, or to add to your growing connection. For this blog post I will select playlists I’ve made but in the future I will focus on housemusic playlists that others have made on the music streaming websites. We will go for one deep house playlist one oldskool and one oldskool trance!

Deephouse Sptofify Playlist

This playlist is pretty big. I’ve hand picked over 2,500 tracks over the years and dropped them into this playlist. Some you’ll love, some you’ll like and some you won’t – that’s just the way it goes. But I love them all! Take a flick through it and add the tracks you like to your own playlist. The style is always deep, funky, disco sometimes piano based tracks. A few are quite chilled and ambient and others might be more driving house tracks that are really bassy. You’ll definitely get some inspiration from this playlist and you might find some diamonds you’ve never heard of as there are both new and older tracks in here! To follow this deep, chilled housemusic playlist, click here.

Oldskool Rave Housemusic Spotify Playlist

The next playlist is also by The Playlist DJ’s but this time its proper oldskool. It’s quite ravey and you’ll hear tracks from Rhtyhim State through to Candi Staton.

I’ve always liked a bit oldskool rave pretty much because I listened to rave and hardcore before it became old, then oldskool! 😉

Since then I’ve chilled out into deep house but here’s a Spotify OldSkool Playlist with over 500 tracks.

The final of the 3 playlists is an oldskool Trance playlist from tracks around the year 2,000. I don’t really listen to Trance at all these days, but back then it was fucking marvellous!

Trance PlaylistDJS 2000

They don’t make them like that anymore is said a lot, but I really do think it applies to trance. Check this playlist out with artitsts such as Storm, Darude, Mauro Picotto, DJ Jean, Nalin & Kane, System F, Tomcat, Da Hule, Ferry Corsten, Binary Finary, Tiesto & Chicane. Some absolutely top, top tracks are in here and there’s even more I’ve missed but you’ll definitely always find them on Spotify.

Amazon Deep House Playlist

My first stab at an Amazon Music Playlist for deep / disco house music style music is this. Some decent wee tracks in there especially from Detroit Swindle who always produce high quality tracks in the genre, plus a funky wee number from Scan 7, be sure to check that out and add it to your own Amazon Music Playlist for house music.

Amazon Music Rave

I’m quite impressed with the depth of rave, hardcore and oldskool tracks Amazon Music have, especially when you see the likes of Ultra Sonic in there! Don’t forget to listen to an under-rated classic called Plastique Fantastique by Hans Yanker and of course On a Ragga Tip by SL2 (classic).

Trance Playlist Amazon Music

There a bit of crossover in tracks from Spotify Trance Playlist to The Amazon Music Trance Playlist, but that’s a good thing as it means they have good tracks. In this one you’ll hear 1998 Binary Finary and Barbers Addagio for strings amongst a good few others that will stoke some nostalgia in your from days gone by!


Amazon Music looks promising, however its a few nuts and bolts behind Spotify right now. They’ve got an interesting pricing set up especially if you have Prime, you can get it a little cheaper.Great benefits of Amazon Music Unlimited include:

  • Unlimited access to 50 million songs – including all the latest and greatest artists and albums, as well as thousands of playlists and stations
  • New music all the time – the newest releases as soon as they are available
  • Ad-free listening – uninterrupted, high quality audio
  • Offline listening – download to listen to your favourite music, wherever you are
  • Hands-free listening with Alexa – exclusive voice features

To take a free trial of Amazon Music click here.

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