Gary Farms Social of The Playlist Djs

Gary Farms Social of The Playlist Djs

Who’s the guy behind playlistDJs and what’s it all about!

My real name is Gary Farmer. At the time of writing I am 40 years and 6 months old, so quite an age to be building out my first proper website, not incuding my own Gary Farms Social site , but that’s only about 6 months old too!+Sure?

I’ve had a varied career so far after leaving school at 16 to focus on football and try my hand very badly at being an apprentice joiner. From there I worked in banking and insurance until 2007, then took some sales skills I garnered and used that in the world of digital marketing. That means I’ve been 13 years in that space.+Sure?

I quickly grew out of love with sales, mainly due to the stress of the work and my lack of passion in selling someone else products. One thing however, that did emerge and stay constant was my love of digital marketing and social media.+Sure?

The other constant going back even further in my life is dance / house music. Ever since then oldskool rave scene in Scotland I got into that world (say from age 15 in 1995). This was mainly introduced to me through Radio Forth in Edinburgh with the Tom Wilson Bonus Beats shows. Prior to that tracks from Snap (Rhythm is a Dancer) and Utah Saints (Something Good), sparked that bug inside me.+Sure?

I remember spending money on credit cards buying Cream Anthems Compilations of the Ministry of Sound Albums to get some of the top tracks on there (some were not so good right enough).+Sure?

My love of house has evolved over the years (and mellowed a lot) and I now find myself a huge fan of deep, melodic house, sometimes quite chilled, with some funky beats added in.+Sure?

So, that’s where I marrying together of my passion for music and digital marketing comes with the PlaylistDJs site.+Sure?

At this point, I have no real idea as to the direction of the site other than finding and sourcing new tunes tp add to the massive deep house music Spotify Playlist (find the link on the main site).+Sure?

Plans I am thinking of are selling 3rd party products through affiliate marketing or drop shipping then eventually having my own products. I could also do some promo and marketing for DJ’s or producers too. We’d need to see what happens there.+Sure?

In the meantime I will keep sharing content across the social pages until the correct idea hits me.+Sure?


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