The Best Housemusic Memes

The Best Housemusic Memes

I love memes. I always have and started sharing them for as far back as they came onto the internet scene. They’re now part of the daily culture of the ‘net and spring up almost immediately after a specific news event (think Bernie Sanders after the American inauguration of Biden). It almost got over-shared it was that popular. Here’s another of Bernie behind the decks…

Rave For Bernie' Compilation Features Bassnectar & More - EDMTunes

Bernie Sanders Dj Meme

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best memes ever created in house music land. The post will be updated as we go so this will be an ever evolving post. I will start with some of my favourites. I’m not going to put them in any particular order however lets start with the original and one of the best in my opinion.

1 – Man standing listening to an actual house.

Just Listening to Some House : Punny

What can I say about this? It’s been around for a long time as you can probably tell from the jumper. It might have even been taken before internet meme’s themselves and someone uploaded it to the web. Anyway, who cares – it’s funny ‘cos it’s nice and simple and daft, but works well. I love the 80’s style jumper too and the casual look on the guys face. I always go back to this meme and even once brought it to life here on our The Playlist DJs Instagram page.

2 – When I hear House Music from another Car

This is a classic clip that’s been used for multiple different meme’s over the years. It features Jim Carrey hanging out of the car window in one of his funny films over the years, in this case Dumb and Dumber. He’s got that cheeky look on his face and this just works well because we’ve all heard housemusic coming from another car and we get that wry smile on our face because of it. This is a classic!

3 – House Music Changed My Life Man

This one is also from the internet vaults of yesteryear. It features a man with quite a sad look about his face which is a contrast to the happy, positive message that appears on his t-shirt. He’s also on a building site which has no real relevance but I suppose it adds to the oddness of the situation. As I write this I can’t believe I am analysing a meme, but here we are.

4 – Different House Style Memes

This one has been about for a few years too and there are different versions of it that have been made. In this one it looks at the subtelties between house music genres through the prism of actual houses. It’s more clever than funny perhaps but still a good one. Check the differences between ‘Progressive House’, to ‘Deep House’, to ‘Tech House’ and ‘Trap. Top class meme-ing here!

5- Me Listening To My Own Track Again When Someone Likes It

This one resonates with people even if you’re not a producer because you can imagine it or more likely you’ve done it yourself with a social media post you created and you go back for another look or check your own story mutliple times (or is that just me). Regardless, this is funny. love the look on the guys face with a sense of contentment and happyness at his creation.

6 – Appreciate House Music Meme

if people could love and appreciate house music that would be great - That would be great | Meme Generator

No meme collection is complete without Lumburgh of the film, ‘Office Space’. And what a film it is. Watch it if you’re into offbeat comedies. It’s pretty hilarious. Anyway, he’s always asking mundane questions in a droll voice that’s why this question about house music is funny. I’m not sure if it’s so funny if you’ve not watched the film but I imagine it is. 

7 – Trying to Decide Which DJ to Go See