The UKs Most Popular Clubs

The UK's Most Popular Clubs

There is a huge dance and house culture in the UK. House came over here pretty early on in the death of disco era and it spread like a house on fire. Get it? House. Anyway, now there are just so many incredible clubs in Britain as well as fantastic house and dance music events. So many that it’s difficult for club fans to whittle it down to just the top. These are just a few of the very best clubs and house events in the UK. 

Sub Club

One of the most popular is right here in Scotland, Glasgow’s Sub Club. This fantastic club has been around for 25 years now which is about how long house music has been in the UK. It is considered to be Scotland’s hub for house and dance music. It has one of the top sound systems in Scotland and is famous for its low ceilinged basement space and fantastic dancefloor. Sub Club is open to a huge range of people, there is no particular vibe or specific clientele which just makes it a fun open space to enjoy music and dance. Many of the patrons have commented on the electric atmosphere of the club which is supported by a wide variety of fantastic DJs. They also provide a varied feel where some nights everything will kick off immediately and on others, everything builds from a chilled-out chatty and pint driven vibe to a full-on club feel. 

Soup Kitchen 

This Manchester club is well known for its house night Swing Ting which has gained a massive following since it started up. This following was entirely generated through word of mouth rather than any particular marketing or advertising. The music is a combination of house, dance hall and garage with a variety of fantastic DJs. The usual lineup includes the resident DJs MC Fox, Plat and Joey B, and Samrai. The night was so popular and the DJs so well received that they started their own record label. Many have called it a completely unique experience and very much worth a visit. 

Concorde 2

This night has some real history behind it and has been around since the mid-90s. It was originally home to Big Beat Boutique, the night hosted by Fat Boy Slim. It is renowned for its blurring the lines between genres and bringing everything to an incredible and dance-worthy crescendo. Those who play there have said there are no other clubs like it in the UK. It also provides a massive variety of music and a range of different nights. It has a pulsing and intense vibe without being as crammed as a normal club. 

The Solstice 

This club often comes across as a basic venue with nothing particularly exciting going on. But around the back, it has an amazing space where DJs regularly play the very best house and techno. This garden terrace is always rammed due to it having a reputation for being one of the best club nights in Peterborough. Many have compared the vibe to that of an Ibiza club and it regularly boasts a variety of incredible guest DJs. Just to name a couple who have performed there we have Citizenn and Kate Simko. If you want something small but jumping this is the club to visit. 

Dalston Superstore

This London club was created with the idea of providing a full club experience, bringing everything you could need into one venue. It is very much modelled after the original Brooklyn house venues with a wide range of DJs. The space itself is a deliciously sleazy basement with amazing lighting and sound equipment. It is particularly popular amongst the arts and LGBTQIA+ communities due to it being a well run and safe space for young people to enjoy themselves. This venue doesn’t just provide amazing house and dance nights. They also have a variety of shows on including drag performances and some of the UK’s very best DJs. This club is popular for its complete lack of pretence and judgement. Definitely a place to just kick back and really enjoy yourself. 

The Rainbow Venues 

This venue is a bit of a staple in the UK house DJing circuit. In Birmingham, there are quite a lot of clubs that specialise in house and dance nights, but this is by far one of the most popular. Almost every show they put on sells out immediately which is not only due to the quality of the shows but the variety that can be found in the venue. There are a number of different spaces where punters can go to experience a range of music.

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